Chrisomelo is a Greek company established in 2014. The productive base of the company is in one of the most fertile and agricultural gifted places of Greek lands, Kalamata Messinia. In addition, our modern standardization facilities are near Piraeus port, covering successfully the needs not only in Greek market but also rapid exports.

Furthermore, Chrisomelo produces and standardize different varieties of honey and gourmet products such as thyme(thimari), pine, heather, oak, floral honey with almonds. In 2014 our company promoted in Greek market a unique gourmet product, Greek Thyme Honey with Greek Blueberries, worldwide. As a result of our innovation constantly became the next best thing in honey products.

Chrisomelo brand already becomes not only well known but also innovative about the varieties which are in the market and also about new unique products that company aims to promote short term. Finally, needs to be mentioned the fact that lots of groceries in Greek islands are cooperating with Chrisomelo providing to tourists the opportunity to taste ‘Nectar of Gods’.

In Chrisomelo we believe in trust, reliability, strong professionalism, team work and most of all in highest quality which is something non-negotiated. Our mission statement is both evolution and innovation in bee products. Our vision is rebranding Chrisomelo and becomes generic. Our double targets are first of all to increase Chrisomelo’s market share 20% the next 2 years in Greece and secondly exporting in UAE, Asia, Australia, Canada, Russia, Italy, Spain etc. Already, export in Japan, New York, Germany, Austria, Poland, England, Sweden, Netherlands, Slovakia, Cyprus, Bulgaria. Very soon in Czech and Italy.