250 gr. – ASFAKA HONEY

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Asfaka honey is a very rare variety of honey and this happens due to the difficulty that bees face to enter the narrow and deep calyx of the flower of asfaka and to exploit all the nectar. Thus, because the bees in their effort to get the nectar from Asfaka become exhausted and greatly weakened, a lot of beekeepers do not deal with that and avoid this production turning to other more secure ones that do not weaken their bee colonies! Therefore, Asfaka honey is recherche although these plants thrive all over the country and are to be found almost everywhere!

Asfaka honey is prime, with a very special taste different from other flower honey we know! Moreover, its aroma is intense and its colour yellowish.
Asfaka honey boosts the human body and helps against fatigue.

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Asfaka honey is a very rare variety of honey. 

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